Pinnacle Game Profiler Crack Key + Keygen Full Version 2021

Pinnacle Game Profiler Crack

Pinnacle Game Profiler Crack 2021: Pinnacle game profiler is a great application if you are a computer gamer but you don’t like to play on the controller or don’t know how to play on the controller while you can play much better on your computer`s keyboard. We know that most of the time console games can`t be played on a computer as the commands are different. Pinnacle game profiler crack can be download from here without registration.

Pinnacle Game Profiler Crack Free Download Full Version

Pinnacle game profiler changes control and setting commands from the console`s controller to the computer`s keyboard so that these games could be played and controlled by the keyboard. Pinnacle game profiler changes the interpretation of the controller pad`s commands to the keyboard. It not only changes commands from the controller to keyboard it can also change commands from keyboard and mouse to joystick or controller pad. It also has a fun feature that you can plug a controller into your pc and it will transfer game commands to the controller pad too.

Pinnacle Game Profiler Crack Key

Good thing is that it allows more control options and features than any other software in the market-related to this. You can create your own profile in the application for certain games for your certain controls. Like other software in the market, they only change controls which is not too accurate but, this application reads all the actions in-game and changes it to any controller device you want for each certain game.

You can download and add to your computer within some really simple few steps.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista/732-bit, / 8/10.
  • Our antivirus rated it virus free and scanned this download.
  • The dimensions of the most recent setup package available for download is 11.4 MB.
  • Pinnacle Game Profiler lies inside Games, more Utilities.

How To Download Pinnacle Game Profiler Crack

There are a few steps that you can follow to get the application installed into your gaming device.

  1. If you click on the link down below, It will take you to a new page and you can install the setup file from there.
  2. If it is a zip file then extract it.
  3. If it is not a zip file then install it into your computer.
  4. Now turn off your internet connection and antivirus as antivirus doesn’t allow the software to run.
  5. You will see a crack PGF folder, Copy the cracked.EXE file from there and paste it into the program folder.
  6. Now open the Pinnacle crack software and its activation window.
  7. Register it using a serial notepad.
  8. Close the software and turn it on again.
  9. Now merge pgp_data.reg file to the registry.
  10. Now simply turn your internet on again and update it to its latest version.
  11. All finished.! Now enjoy your games with your controller or keyboard.

Pinnacle Game Profiler Features

  • Pinnacle game profiler changes controls and interests into mouse and keyboard controls.
  • It supports many additional gaming features such as sniping assist which helps you to control sniper shots easily.
  • It supports all games and additional software too.
  • Users have many options to create or customize.
  • The program automatically sync controls by just browsing files or bringing the app to the desktop.
  • The program automatically fills command lines when you start the game.
  • When the user wants to play the game on steam it is hard to find the file so, Pinnacle automatically finds the game you just have to add its data like the name.
  • The user can change the behavior of the controller with keys by Pinnacle.
  • The pinnacle profiler`s great features include that it supports any sports controller and give it its own commands.
  • It is the best and most trusted software for changing commands from keyboard to joystick/ controller or controller/joystick to the keyboard.
  • The service in the Pinnacle program is more than bringing your program to the present.
  • It also controls 3rd party apps such as: push to talk and etc.
  • Gives full advantages of the emulator on mouse and keyboard.
  • To keep the user updated it check for updates and command new controls and according to update if required.
  • It is a very handy application for all the users who prefer a controller over a keyboard or joystick.
  • The program is really flexible to use and the interface is also intuitive.
  • It works on all gaming devices such as a computer, Xbox, PS4, PS5
  • Developers work constantly to make it much better than before.
  • Easy to use, Anyone new can easily use it without any issues.

Pinnacle Game Profiler Cracked Version

As we tried to explain to you how useful is that software for gamers. It has many great features and it does its job really well too but, It is a paid application. So, we brought you a pinnacle game profiler crack which allows you to use the app for free of cost. It is basically a cracked version of the same software and it also has the same features as the original one but the difference here is that it is completely free while the other is not. Our cracked version always provides you the latest version of the software so that you never miss any new features from the Pinnacle Game Profiler.

<strong>FAQs About Game Profiler Crack</strong>

Is The Pinnacle Game Profiler A Virus?

You might know that some antivirus may aware of the adware and not to conduct then not considered a virus and it might be the reason of not to installing it.

How Does The Pinnacle Game Profiler Work?

The Pinnacle game profiler software can be made any of the gamepad and a joystick work with any kind of game on your PC.  This will connect the gamepad button inputs to many actions in the game. However, you can also alter the functions of the gamepad.

What Is The Pinnacle Setup?

The Pinnacle is a program that allows the video game by the use of a keyboard and mouse on the controller.

How Do I Install The Pinnacle?

It is very easy to install Pinnacle. However, you can install it by the above steps. You can follow these steps.

Is Xpadder Free?

Xpadder is free to download. It can work on the 32-bit or 64-bit windows.


In conclusion, the Pinnacle game profiler crack for those who like to play on the computer by using the keyboard and mouse and don’t like to play on the controller.

You can download this application from our site and can play as you want.  However, you don’t need to get registered or pay for anything. Enjoy your game!

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